Think your corporate job has nothing to do with solving hunger, supporting disabled youth, conserving the environment or otherwise doing social good?
We think more highly of business.
We think it’s productive and natural to broaden the social mission of corporate jobs with the opportunity to serve societal causes.
We call it job purposing. You might call it enlightened management, sustainable business or simply the right thing to do. Make no mistake, though. Job purposing increases employee engagement, performance and wellbeing. It can also improve how customers respond to your company and products.
VeraWorks will help you and your team benefit from job purposing regardless of what corporate function you work in, how many employees you manage and how skeptical you are of job purposing.
To learn more about igniting social purpose in the workplace, preorder Bea’s new book Do Good At Work. 

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Alternatively, check out some of our recent research:
  •  Does participating in social-purpose activities really increase employee engagement? Find out what the research Bea Boccalandro conducted with Voluntare, Orange, Repsol and PwC says.
  • The VeraWorks study that shows the value of the CSAA Insurance Group Volunteer Program.
  • Did you know that 37% of Fortune 1000 employees will change jobs to work for an environmentally sustainable employer? That’s one of the fascinating findings of the EarthShare report we were honored to help with.

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I’ve long loved the music of the @bep’s but this is a masterpiece. Only art can synthesize of the historic fork in the road we Americans are in. ... For me, this comes darn close.

Check out the advice the palm tree outside my office window gave us this week! #dogoodatwork #purpose #work ...

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