High Impact Corporate Community Involvement

High Impact Corporate Community Involvement - In five fun webinars Purchase

Want to help a societal issue from your corporate job and bring fresh new energy to your work? Do high impact corporate community involvement.

High impact corporate community involvement is doing societal good — assuaging hunger, hurricane damage or heart disease — as an integrated and productive part of a corporate job or function.

Whether you work in community relations, sales, accounting, operations or any other business function, whether you manage one or thousands of employees, high impact corporate community involvement will invigorate your work. If you are a B2B sales representative, you might help small business customers become energy efficient, as HP does. If you lead a small team, you might take on a “school adoption” as your annual team building project, as an Aetna supervisor did. If you manage a call center, you might encourage your team members to give isolated elderly individuals a friendly call during times of low call volume, as happens at Caesars Entertainment. Research indicates that these activities support sales, teamwork, employee engagement and other business outcomes while supporting societal issues.

This webinar series guides you through the steps of designing and implementing a high impact corporate community involvement program with measurable business and societal outcomes.

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Webinars can be accessed anytime and participants are invited to send an email or set up an appointment with instructors to cover any questions.


$695 for all five webinars or $195 each.