1. Introduction by Bea Boccalandro

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Job purposing is the management practice of broadening the social mission of corporate jobs with the opportunity to serve societal causes. Job purposing enriches the workplace culture, increases employee engagement, performance and wellbeing, and makes a meaningful contribution to societal causes. 
This blog will help you job purpose regardless of your corporate function, the number of employees you manage and how skeptical you are of job purposing.
This blog brazenly steals concepts and practices developed by others. My quirky ode to these individuals is to draw a cartoon portrait with each post. In case artistic clumsiness sabotages my expression of gratitude, let me say this upfront: Each cartoon is meant only as an homage. 
With possible exceptions to accommodate impromptu adventures with my teenage nieces, attendance at Red Sox games and other life priorities, I will post one entry a week through 2015. This collection of entries will, hopefully, provide you the guidance to successfully implement job purposing. Of course, if at any point you are not getting what you need, give me the opportunity to help. You will help me learn if you share your challenges. I will try my best to find a solution and I believe I will. If I fail, however, my warranty is chocolate. I will send chocolate. 
Warning: To avoid confusion, and nausea, please read the blog posts in order.


Purpose Driven Work

The more companies realize that people love to be part of something bigger than themselves, the more excitement and innovation we can expect from those companies. The more companies talk about (internally and externally) their purpose for existing, the more engaged all stakeholders will be and the more encouraged other companies will be to find and express their purpose. Thank you, Bea, for being part of the team leading the charge! Excited to see more posts! `

Well said Dianna!

Dianna, Harvard Business School corporate strategist Michael E. Porter, probably the most respected living business expert, backs you up! He says that creating business value in a way that also creates societal value — that is, that also has social purpose and impact — is a “new way to achieve economic success… that can give rise to the next major transformation of business thinking.” Job purposing makes this engine of success, that you and Porter reference, accessible to the everyday manager anywhere in the company.

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